The Third Dixon(Carl Grimes Love Story) ✔️

The Third Dixon(Carl Grimes Love Story) ✔️

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Ashley Dixon. Little sister of Daryl and Merle Dixon. Ashley is stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. She got separated from her brothers from the beginning. What will happen. Will she be in this alone or will she find her brothers?

"Who is she Daryl? Do you know her?" Carl asked Daryl. "She's my sister" He whispered to him not taking my eyes off his little sister.

'I found her. I found my sister.' Daryl thought to himself.

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HannahTacoLady HannahTacoLady Nov 02, 2017
Their mother died when they were young. I don't think she ever hit them. It was only their father.
Karli_the_weirdo Karli_the_weirdo Aug 16, 2017
I'm already I freaking love with this book! I'm blubbering like a little baby 😂
_starrynights_ _starrynights_ Apr 17, 2017
I feel so bad for all of them 😭 poor ashley tbh 😭 also I love how much Daryl and Merle care about Ashley! Family bonds are always amazing in stories 👏🏽👏🏽
_anonymous-fangirl_ _anonymous-fangirl_ Jun 03, 2017
i love it when daryl and merle are actually sympathetic it's so cute
Heidi915 Heidi915 Feb 06
Ooo this story is gonna be good I can already tell😂👊😁
Walker_Girl13 Walker_Girl13 Jun 12, 2017
I talk like Daryl sometimes😂😂
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