Hero-PJ Avengers crossover

Hero-PJ Avengers crossover

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Percy Jackson is broken. He is now alone, has flashbacks, and has to stay strong for everyone around him.

The avengers have assembled for a very important reason. To... find a kid?

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mrweaselbrownie mrweaselbrownie Jun 20, 2017
Okay so I was like "this looks good" while I was in the middle of reading a different fanfic so I opened this one, went to change the music that was playing and then forgot that I had opened a new one so I was very confused like "what? Did the avengers just die or something?"
Solangelofangirl0101 Solangelofangirl0101 Dec 14, 2017
Just finished reading a PJO/HP fic where EVERYONE was dead. Like both the camps as well. And I'm just sitting here in my bed trying no the scream bc its late
IAmKCS IAmKCS Nov 06, 2017
That's finally different from many other deaths of Annabeth.
Angelicpowerrune Angelicpowerrune Nov 03, 2017
Are you kidding me? I spent the last hour crying because of Klance and I needed something lighthearted so I could sleep!
                              *continues reading anyways because I'm sadistic and like being in pain*
Tessaknight17 Tessaknight17 Dec 06, 2017
That was so cool, when will you do more? i want to see it, so far so good. keep it up. see you. love your books.
ArtistDreamcatcher ArtistDreamcatcher Nov 29, 2017
I was crying when I hit the read button.
                              This is where I burst into tears in the middle of school in rront of my friends.