My Brothers Best Friend

My Brothers Best Friend

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Calebs POV
 I let go of her hands, and let mine go to her waist, making her breath hitch. Taking a step closer, we were almost touching. I looked in her eyes which were wide with surprise. There was only a few inches of space between our lips, "if you don't like me, then why haven't you pulled back?" 
"I don't like-" I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers. She tensed up, then relax into the kiss, her arms sliding around my sides as she closed the gap between us.


What happens when the boy who always teased you growing up, suddenly,  well, grew up. And what happens when you find yourself falling for him? Will it's spiral out of control?  or can Kira manage to tame the player inside of him?  

Read to find out ♢

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Everyone’s just like “why’d u leave your door open” while I’m over here worrying if she at least had on a bra
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can someone please read my story and follow and vote, i just started and it would mean the world to mean thank you!!
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i got f!cking stretch marks and im probs only like 2 pounds bigger than her?? explain
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Also think of it this way, when you like someone you tend not to notice their flaws, so perhaps in every book when the love interest describes them as perfect they aren’t actually perfect :)
FREEZE AND PUT YO HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM AUTHOR!! Grammar Police :3. Fix yo grammar, e,g, capital i when its by itself!! Fix the tense too! Is it present or past tense? Think about it and edit it, please! *Feed forward*