My Brothers Best Friend

My Brothers Best Friend

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Calebs POV
 I let go of her hands, and let mine go to her waist, making her breath hitch. Taking a step closer, we were almost touching. I looked in her eyes which were wide with surprise. There was only a few inches of space between our lips, "if you don't like me, then why haven't you pulled back?" 
"I don't like-" I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers. She tensed up, then relax into the kiss, her arms sliding around my sides as she closed the gap between us.


What happens when the boy who always teased you growing up, suddenly,  well, grew up. And what happens when you find yourself falling for him? Will it's spiral out of control?  or can Kira manage to tame the player inside of him?  

Read to find out ♢

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My brother has 3 best friends and they're all fine asf and theyre only a grade above me but my brother is so overprotective and doesn't want me to be with anyone.
melodycrystal melodycrystal 5 days ago
My school doesn't have detention so I've never experienced it. But it sounds really trashy.
ereardon20 ereardon20 Jul 27
I have one brother who is 21 and if any of his friends liked me they would go to jail because it's illegal ugh 😑
Well the author wanted the characters to be her version of perfect. If I were to write a story, I would want my characters to be exactly how I want them. It's up to the audience to decide whether or not they like it but at the end of the day it's just a story.
My brothers best friend asked to have sex I said no bc he had a gf.... he was so hot tho he was like in football and everything. I'm such a good person
I'm a junior and about to be a senior and the school is making me take a full course even though I only need two credits to graduate 💁😭