Do The Math

Do The Math

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Luke Smith grew up with a murderous father, an addict mother, and yet seemed to able to keep his sanity... Sorta. 

 The kids on campus  knew not to mess with him after Brice Callard was picking on another kid, while Luke Smith witnessed it. 

 Luke basically beat the kid half to death, and was expelled for a good month. 

 Even with the scary reputation, that didn't stop the ladies from going after that. 

 Mia Dove grew up with a lazy father, and a mother constantly on business trips.  

 She grew up wanting to be like her mom. Independent, hard-working, and most of all, caring for the family. 
She can't have distractions around her school work. 

 But it's kinda hard to focus while you have a psycho path sitting next you.

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I speak French so hahahhahahha I knew what le means 
                              Okay yeah that's nothing
I imagine jungkook saying pardon during this part😂😂😂😂
awkward_becky awkward_becky Oct 10, 2016
wtf coincidence much im reading this OCTOBER 10 :O
                              and me my friends just got detention :? 
                              am i gonna meet a bad boy anytime soon?
ChrissyBlack26 ChrissyBlack26 Sep 13, 2016
Why third person.....but that doesn't mean I'm not going to stop reading it
HayleyRianneBlake HayleyRianneBlake Jul 04, 2016
I thought it was gonna say orange is the new black... I need help
not_jennifer not_jennifer Oct 23, 2016
Sorry, I'm not a grammar police, but it's might have, this phrase has always been one of my pet peeves