"Really?" I huffed, mildly irritated with my father for ruining what I thought was going to be a peaceful night in. 

"Come on, you're just being dramatic. They're not THAT bad" he replied.

Not that bad? I thought, not wanting to share that information with him aloud when he had clearly made up his mind. 

"I guess I'll just go and hide in my room before they get here" I said sulkingly. 

And with that I made the trek up the stairs and to my room, feeling bugged by the fact that I couldn't even feel comfortable around my own dad's friends that he had invited over. It's not that I didn't like the guys, it's just...when you're planning on having a quiet night in, these are so not the guys to be around. Since we had moved from New York to California 7 years ago, whenever these certain friends visited it was always an extremely loud reunion. There's just something about a group of New Yorkers being in the same room together, it always seems to become a match of 'who can yell the loudest'....

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ElleRocker12346 ElleRocker12346 Aug 19, 2017
You had the privilege to say "Sal gal" and you didn't take it!!??
whoviangirl97 whoviangirl97 Sep 20, 2017
Found a few spelling mistakes, but other than those I loved this part. Genuinly nice. Q is freaking devastatingly handsome. ❤
Ki113RQU33N Ki113RQU33N Aug 22, 2016
This is my favorite episode ;) that and also one of the new ones where Sal is spanking Q with the manikin hand
WriterGirl001 WriterGirl001 Dec 03, 2015
Love it. Found you on ao3
                              I write sal fanfic. Pls give it a read?
bluesavages bluesavages Nov 23
this is her opportunity to dress like a slut in front of Q!!!!
And it doesn't help if the new yorkers are also latinx. Then it becomes a match of "who can yell the loudest and be petty at the same time" 🙄🙄