Bad Boy Judah {Original}

Bad Boy Judah {Original}

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«I'll play you like a toy. I'll fiddle you like a violin. Then, I'll break you like a stick. And you'll love it 'til the end.»
Those were his exact words.

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I love how she's doesn't just accept it because her friend wants her to. <3 Loving this boookk
GirlMeetsLarry GirlMeetsLarry 2 days ago
Fuuuuuck that, I dance all the time and I don't need anyone walking in on that trainwreck
Keep talking like that and see how far you'll get before I drop kick you 😂
Found out my crush of 3 years got a gf yesterday & she's prettier
plastichoee plastichoee a day ago
Like most girls these dayz smokes weed, party, drop out in a young age and I'm like..
                              I'm gonna finish high school and college, graduate and get diploma. 🙂
emptyfuck emptyfuck 3 days ago
I love how all of us just love him when he literally just said 7 words😂😂