The Mentor Project

The Mentor Project

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Tamara Rose By -moonlightchild- Updated Dec 05

"Yeah, I know he's cute. But he's mine. Touch him and you'll seriously regret it." -Lexi Jackson 


Juvenile delinquent Lexi Jackson was the definition of bad news. She wasn't exactly the girl next door and instead, was the girl across the street that your parents warned you about.

After moving schools, the last thing Lexi expected was for them to assign her a mentor. In her words 'a babysitter'; someone who was there to make sure that she stayed out of trouble. And that wasn't the best bit, her mentor was none other than the schools best football player. In other words, the guy who had an ego that was larger than humanly possible, a fan club of desperate girls wanting anything and everything from him and a personality that had everyone smitten with him. 

Sparks were sure to fly when both of them met, but neither of them expected that to happen. Without even realising, they both become an irreplaceable part in each others lives.  

But, with Lexi being the delinquent she was, everything in her life wasn't exactly black and white. And she couldn't help but attract a little too much attention, and not the good kind. This was the kind that could land her on the wrong side of the law once again. 

Would Lexi finally be able to learn how to behave with the help of a certain player? Or would she end up so deep in trouble that she wouldn't know how to get out?

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