Imprinted hearts ~ Paul lahote

Imprinted hearts ~ Paul lahote

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marvel_and_weasley By marvel_and_weasley Updated Nov 12

The 'love of his life'.

Its all just a phrase, it takes two strong brave people to be in love for life.

It takes courage, and understanding.

But whats love without arguments and misunderstandings? 
Mai Call was adopted into a shifter family, being dropped on the streets in front of Embry Calls home.

His mother knew she was a shifter, call it instinct, she gave her to her brother, Liam Call and Mai was brought up in Seattle.

Suddenly passing away, her fathers only death wish was for her to imprint once she shifts and he leaves her in his sisters hands.

She is introduced to the shifter world and a certain 
hot-headed boy brings up her past and makes his way into her future.

I completely understand and can't wait to read your story....