doppelganger dms [mccall]

doppelganger dms [mccall]

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love, sarah 🥀 By hijackedsheo Updated Nov 29, 2017

i refuse to believe that's how the book ends 

well you better believe it because the divergent fandom lived through that emotional pain

this isn't cool 

just think somewhere in dystopian chicago tobias eaton is thinking the same thing 

a cliché fanfic about internet friends falling in love with each other ft some supernatural occurrences. 

[lowercase intended] 
[teen wolf - s4] 
[aria miller x scott mccall]
© hijackedsheo | 2015 • rewriting; 2017

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MieczyslawStilinski8 MieczyslawStilinski8 Feb 15, 2017
Omfg! Is she ran into Isaac and Chris I would cry! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
bellogna bellogna Dec 29, 2016
What's dms? I feel dumb because I have been reading imagines since last year and I still don't know
amypannu amypannu Jan 07, 2017
I love how the one justification in this is BECAUSE INTERNET.
My friend ruined my life today by introducing me to shadowhunters
yoyoitsyuyu yoyoitsyuyu Dec 14, 2016
The picture is me when somebody thinks they're better then me and my friends
starknaked starknaked Dec 26, 2016
I ruined my friends lives with all the fandoms I introduced them to