The Hunter's fate ✔

The Hunter's fate ✔

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"Nice shot " said the werewolf King
"Nice shot? what are you saying , I just missed "she said with a smirk 
Angel is a hunter, not just any hunter she is the best of best, she is the only heir to the throne after her father, she is the most feared hunter and u never want to come across her, she has no fear and she hates werewolves with a passion 

But her Fate has  some other plans 

what does the prophecy say....
will it melt her rock solid heart 
will she ever forgive the werewolves for what they have done to her life, her childhood?? 
will she ever able to love the thing which she hates with a passion 
lets find out

ok the beginning might be a little confusing and but it keeps getting better so please read the whole thing before you decide to ditch it in the middle. to understand it better read it completely. i hope you enjoy it the way i do

  • alone
  • broken
  • hate
  • hurt
  • kill
  • love
  • mate
  • miss
  • murder
  • prophecy
  • surprise
  • truth
AnaLara757 AnaLara757 Sep 06, 2017
I'm 5'2 I haven't grown in 3 years so, all my friends are calling me a short potatoe cause im Mexican we all make fun of own race
But I'm not a snitch. Only snitches and b*tches get stitches. Oh wait I probably am a b*tch aren't i?
deifitrec_trevortni deifitrec_trevortni Apr 10, 2016
the stories nice and I want to say my opinion that this story needs some editing but other than the grammatical errors in story it's nice
xXSilentFearsXx xXSilentFearsXx Oct 07, 2015
This is interesting, although maybe add more detail and use you instead of 'u'. Otherwise keep up the good work! :)