Loving Him Was Red (Carlos x Reader) ((°|On Going|°))

Loving Him Was Red (Carlos x Reader) ((°|On Going|°))

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야 나 싸이 ミ☆ By kookies-n-kream Updated Jul 08, 2017

A few weeks has past ever since the VK or Villian Kids have decide and chosen to be good. And that's where you and your friends come in! Evil Queen suggested to bring backup in case if the plan of retrieving FGM's or Fairy God Mother's wand since Maleficent was worried that the plan was not working as planned, finally, Maleficent agreed to it, so you guys were sent to Auradon. But you never shown yourselves to the Descendants, but the Auradon Kids. 

But during the incident that happened on the Coronation, you guys have changed too and had the will to choose good

Yes, your life finally at peace but you couldn't help but think that something deep inside was missing.

....And this is not the end of their journey this is only the Beginning....

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HeroesOfOlymusFan HeroesOfOlymusFan Oct 12, 2017
*grabs bucket of paint* *splashes it on the walls* THERE. Black is DEFINITELY a better color than that pink crap. XD
HermioneKNanase HermioneKNanase 5 days ago
                              Congratulations ._.
                              You have invented a new kind of stup--
naughtiarios naughtiarios Aug 05, 2017
Am I the only one who's thinking about Bratayley when it says Julianna and Haley
Satanling Satanling Dec 28, 2017
                              ...and Peggy!!
                              The Schuyler sisters
                              I'm sorry... I'll go now
MadilynBrooke098 MadilynBrooke098 Aug 14, 2017
For anyone who is saying that they are disgusted and they dont like pink, just dont comment, some people would get mad, besides if you really dont want to then dont comment
trixie_true trixie_true Jul 11, 2016
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