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A Hollow's Game (Hichigo x Reader)

A Hollow's Game (Hichigo x Reader)

15.4K Reads 691 Votes 9 Part Story
Katherine By DragonSlayer28 Updated Jan 05

Karakura Town isn't your average town with your average teenagers. No, this town is like a hotspot for Hollow's, Soul Reapers, Arrancars, and other non-human guests. (Y/n) didn't know this; to her, this was just a simple restart, a simple move.
Making friends is always fun, especially when one has a hollow side that you end up falling for. But who could blame her? There was just something that made them so similar and yet so different. Maybe it was that they were both a bit cruel or and fun testing their limits. or maybe it's the fact that (y/n) is a...

* I do not own Bleach or any of its characters! (Although I really wish I did... XD) I only own the plot of this Fanfiction so please enjoy~! *

Branine Branine Aug 15, 2016
Jeez. My mile was 11:39 minutes. The best you could get at my school is 6 minutes
AluRyuzaki AluRyuzaki Aug 15, 2016
On this one Grimmjow x reader book. They call Orihime,  Horihime, It kills me every time they say it 😂😂
Naruto_God Naruto_God Jun 27, 2016
OMG!!!!! This is so scary!! In school, I bored in maths and then I looked at the older students' books and I was like ' dude! I know this' this is scary ( and sorry if I sounded like a smartass or a know it all, I'm just so lonely now!!)
Naruto_God Naruto_God Jun 27, 2016
Omg!!! Author-san!!! How did u know that was me?!?! It's scary how u made her sound exactly like me~