When Dreams Come True [Completed]

When Dreams Come True [Completed]

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Srinidhi By Willow_Avenue Completed

Rank: #41 in Teen Fiction on 30th September 2016.

Riya Pradhan 
Shy, sweet and a bubbly girl. Good at singing as well as studies.

Vishal Malhotra
Six feet One inch tall with a Muscular body. And is a Playboy. Rich and of the mysterious kind. 
A member of the college's music band.

Everything changes in Riya's life when she meets the tall and handsome Vishal, her senior. And they both fall in love. 

Even after a lot of struggles in their relationship, they fall apart. What was the reason that Vishal broke up with her?

Fate had other plans in store for Riya; especially when they meet in the future. The dark secrets are revealed which change her life.

What are they? 
Read on, to know more.

Cover by: @moonpilots

Srinidhi, @2015

samryjelsa samryjelsa Jul 30
Woah really women..............??i wld die..its even mah hobby
Uhm....don't wanna b rude...but Indian language?... Indian is not a language...u cud hv mentioned it as Hindi, a language from India or smthin like tht...again...no offence just a suggestion 🙌
BreakingggMyselfff BreakingggMyselfff Dec 17, 2016
I have read it one time and that book is more awesome than the movie
_saywhuut _saywhuut Apr 18, 2016
Hello! I make free covers. Feel free to dm me x and btw, you're amazing.
xIshaDeshmukhx xIshaDeshmukhx Sep 25, 2015
Amazing❤ update it asap! I can't wait to read the next chapter❤