Convicted ♧ n.h. centric

Convicted ♧ n.h. centric

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Stůpstørån By stupstoran Updated Oct 30

Niall Horan is being convicted for the murder of his boyfriend. There was no point in pleading not guilty, everyone knew he did it. Hell, he was found at the scene of the crime with the gun in his hand. 

Niall doesn't regret it though. You have no idea how good it feels being rid of the cause of all your misery and agony. 

But now Niall has to do the time for what he's done, and him being the
 very small, and beautiful blond with a nice ass will surely draw some attention.

Two years seems like a very long time being behind bars with these particular people, but will that necessarily be a bad thing?

Zianourry, Niall-centric

Bitcj tf? What country is this based in cuz where I'm from murder is life I don't agree with it, but that's what it s. And if its in England I think its longer than 2 years.
Two years?! For murder... Try life wth if it was only 2 years half my school would be dead
TheirKitten TheirKitten Jun 11
Please update. I LOVE this book. Even if you don't favor the amount of comments of votes it has, you still have a lot of people waiting for an update. So PLEASE update!!!
kimmygrooves kimmygrooves Oct 30, 2015
Oh man you gotta update this book I know you are busy with your other book and other things outside of wattpad but I really like this and it's only the description