Diabolik Lovers X Seme!Male!Reader [BoyxBoy]

Diabolik Lovers X Seme!Male!Reader [BoyxBoy]

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Noname By TheLandofFandoms Updated Mar 15, 2017

If you wanna have a cringe fest [or a laugh, who cares], read this. Currently debating whether or not if I should keep this up and rewrite or just restart.
[Nov. 29, 2017]

Expect: Yaoi, smut, lime, fluff, bdsm, pwp, ooc, and more!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plots.

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hoetaro hoetaro Apr 04, 2017
Same here. I absolutely hated the anime.
                              I actually got to episode 5 before stopping tho lol
Kismet707 Kismet707 Apr 24, 2017
I didn't like the anime after they made her like he feeling of pain and just craved the them it was annoying really
UGH--WHY UGH--WHY Jul 24, 2017
There's a whole wiki for Diabolik Lovers, the anime, manga, and games. So relaw fam, just use the sacred wiki
holly_tanimono holly_tanimono Jul 05, 2016
Watch the anime and dont pay attention to yui and pay attention to the bros at lest thats how i do it😆
SINSNO SINSNO Aug 27, 2016
I Didn't watch the anime because of how weak they made Yui to-
AkumaOtaku801 AkumaOtaku801 Aug 11, 2016
Agreed I never watched all of season one cause of freakin Yui I mean not to be rude but she's too submissive I mean yeah their vampires but sheesh