Diabolik Lovers X Seme!Male!Reader [On Hold]

Diabolik Lovers X Seme!Male!Reader [On Hold]

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Crap By TheLandofFandoms Updated Mar 15

Yaoi Smutty One-shots! Fluff and lime included... at some point.

Currently rewriting everything. I will be leaving on the old versions so you can read the screw up, but posting the newer versions in one chapter.

Enjoy the OOCness and the Sakamaki, Mukami, and Tsukinami Bros! And Richter & Karlheinz.

Expect: Yaoi, smut, lime, fluff, bdsm, pwp, ooc, and more!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plots.

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I can picture the rest of them with cameras and nosebleeds... I need Jesus...
Entering in the room isn't the only thing you'll be entering ;))))
ZephyrL ZephyrL May 07
I take a look at my enormous PEEENNNIIIIISSSS!!!!!!🍆✊🍆✊🍆✊💦💦💦
So..... Were we doing it against the wall of the shower? Or did we somehow do it on the floor?
ThatOneFreakyBitch ThatOneFreakyBitch Nov 18, 2016
Give it up for I will send you all to hell 😤👏👏👏👌👍😈
RyuuenXKai RyuuenXKai May 15, 2016
                              M/N must be really strong.
                              He basically didn't give Shu a chance to touch the floor or wall.
                              I'm surprised you still haven't pass out Shu.
                              With all the gravity and water.....