Held Hostage By My Russian Baby Daddy

Held Hostage By My Russian Baby Daddy

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booklegendmaker By booklegendmaker Updated Jan 05, 2016

My back arched as I moaned.  " Yessss right there " I said as I began whining for more.  

" Mmm right there Rico " I moaned repeatedly

He held my hands above my head as he kissed my neck.  

He thrusted in and out of me passionately roughly . He moaned a few times as he kissed me.  

It turned me on even more.  Hearing this amazingly handsome man moan because of me.  

My legs began shaking as my juices spread across the bed.  

He licked me clean as he entered me once more.  I've never felt anything like this.  This was more than amazing.  This was more like hypnotizing. 

I flipped him over on his back as he let me take control.  

He was sweating from putting in so much work.  I climbed on top of him and took control.  

I bounced up and down as he laid there grabbing my breast.  

He grunted as he gripped my hips and turned me over quickly.  So quickly I didn't even have time to react.  He quickly pulled out and climaxed onto my. Stomach as he moaned.  

He laid beside me and kis...

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ChristianLouboutin1 ChristianLouboutin1 Dec 28, 2017
I would've knocked his ass out right then & there!😡👊💥👊💥💪😈
lalelee lalelee Oct 08, 2015
This is really good nd intriguing plex plz plz porfavor update soon