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MamaUnicorn By bworm59 Updated Jan 25, 2016

In a world where vampires rule, Sapphire's life is as normal as is it can get, aside from family problems and the fact that she hates vampires. But what happens when she has no choice but go to Serus Academy, an academy for human girls to learn how to become graceful wives and mistresses for  elite vampires. What will happen when the Vampire prince takes an interest in her? will she accept him for who he is, and put aside her hatred for all things vampire? What happens when love bites?

*Note this is the rewritten version of the original, however the copyright on both still applies and any copyright infringement will be dealt with through the legal system

JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Feb 28, 2016
Love the way you used these words togeher! "Mathematical Misery". Love it.
deliriousmis deliriousmis Mar 21, 2016
Okay so bows the point where you run away before you get eaten👍🏼👌🏼
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Feb 28, 2016
Oh and, who - after seeing any kind of clothing on sale while out - immediately puts them on before making it home?
amebeee123 amebeee123 Aug 16, 2016
I was like sh!t this is a whole lot of something! It's so good!
saraessam26 saraessam26 Dec 26, 2015
Wow !! 
                              That's a very intriguing book ! 
                              I love it already !! ♥♥
menoleno menoleno Dec 20, 2015
This is seriously an intriguing story
                              One of the best on wattpad so far👍