Forced To Have The Bad Boys Baby

Forced To Have The Bad Boys Baby

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"Sarahi Santos your with... Dmitry lopez". Once those words came out of her mouth I hated them.

Meet Sarahi , she's one of the normal people in school, not a nerd or anything just one of those people in the middle. There's just one thing, she doesn't care about anything. Her father left when the plague of 2042 started and she was only 10. Then there was a new law, All teenager's have to get pregnant in the matter of 2 months or it's jail time. That's something Sarahi doesn't want to do.

Meet Dmitry Lopez, he's your usual bad boy and player . He got into many fights and only has 3 friends Ryder , Sammy, and Cole . Dmitry was expecting a little cheerleader that will get it over with, but no he got paired with a girl he has never met and he gets curious when she blocks him out. He wants to know more . 

Will Sarahi Let Him In Or Block Him Out? Will Dmitry Change Or 
Stay The Same? Can He Break Her? Find Out In Forced To Have A Baby

Mean they kinda already are.  They are forcing you to do the bad boy and have his child so.  I mean it's in the title and the introduction. Duhh
MecalsizHatun MecalsizHatun Dec 14, 2016
Piçler ya kitabın kurgusunu merak ettim şimdi. Yorumda yapmışlar 😒😒
Kian_the_cutie Kian_the_cutie Oct 21, 2016
I hate gym to. We have this paper where we have to keep track of active activities we do. we have to do ten a day. I got a high C in gym. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
VictoriaABP VictoriaABP Apr 13, 2016
5 minutes!!? How the hell can she do that? It takes me like 20 minutes...