FNAF One-Shots

FNAF One-Shots

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[ Queens ] By LucyUchiha_ Updated Dec 25, 2016

This is a book full of One-Shots, And yes, please give me some requests!

EDIT: Lemons are now allowed! Request away!




AngelDeath676 AngelDeath676 Aug 06, 2016
Plot twist: Bonnie is secretly Gaster from Undertale, or he is secretly a Gast from Minecraft
MadlynMatter MadlynMatter Sep 11, 2016
.... I thought he was gonna be young.....but he hit puberty T~T
fnaf_AJ_Warriors_23 fnaf_AJ_Warriors_23 Dec 05, 2016
Heh heh Chica and Chicken fall in love and they get married but then again chica goes cannibal and eats the chicken
chippy82577 chippy82577 Sep 15, 2016
A picture of lemonade a pitcher of lemonade picture picture baseball picture picture pitch picture picture I'm afraid I want to but you don't understand and I want to be a sausage
HeartLikeChina0412 HeartLikeChina0412 Apr 18, 2016
Bonnie has the reflexes of a mine craft gast (I don't even care that I spelt it wrong)
Darkumbreon92 Darkumbreon92 Aug 02, 2016
I want outfit two and four! But, I think I actually have the sandles in outfit four.