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Betrayal (Sequel to Temptation)

Betrayal (Sequel to Temptation)

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The Dynamic Duo By TheDynamicDuo28 Updated Aug 30, 2016

Quick recap: You moved to your new school expecting the same old things to happen. Not making any friends and leaving there only a couple months later. But what you didn't see coming, was the sexy and very kinky Jensen Ackles. It all seemed like a little school girl crush... you know, nothing to worry about. Hahaha WRONG! Guess what? He was your teacher! AND he's married to your SISTER! 

Anyway, after a few explicit (sexual) scenes together, and Jensen claiming his love for you, the two of you decide to run away together until you turned 18 in a week and a half. You make it to the day BEFORE your birthday without getting noticed, until the police show up at Jensen's parents house while the two of you were over for dinner. 

This long-ass summary short... he got arrested. His final words to you being "Wait for me!" 

Will you wait for him? Or will a new romance form? This story is called Betrayal after all. 

I guess it's all up to me....

Jocelyn_Winchester Jocelyn_Winchester May 19, 2016
What the fück!!!!!!!! How did Jared get here? And didn't he arrest Jensen back in Texas???
Cc7Torres Cc7Torres Jul 04, 2016
Really? I mean really? Why would you do this to me?!?! I love the story though lol
obrienkaties obrienkaties Nov 28, 2016
🙌 I was mad at first but then I was like 'I LOVE MY MOOSE TOO!'