Teach Me [Frerard] [Discontinued]

Teach Me [Frerard] [Discontinued]

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Pichit my love By LilacKatsuki Completed

As a high school art teacher, Gerard spends most of his spare time marking sketchbooks and homework. He's proud to be one of the few teachers that every student seems to like.

There's one main downside to his laid-back attitude towards his job: other teachers seems to dislike him, especially the head of English, Frank Iero.

However, a change of arrangements means they're stuck together and their rivalry slowly starts to disappear. As the two of them stop hating eachother, something else starts to grow between them. Something more than just friendship. The issue? Gerard isn't 100% sure if he likes it.

Queens_of_fangirling Queens_of_fangirling Nov 20, 2016
                              getting the knies out first chap
                              we're doing great over here in the mcr fandom
trustruth trustruth Apr 12, 2016
Frank seems less like an a-hole now! Yay. It's always good to show both sides of a story