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Romi Moondi By romimoondi Updated Oct 23, 2015

This story is being adapted from a television script I wrote. I'm a big "Sex and the City" fan, but I've always kind of wondered what the show would be like if they didn't have that perfect "best friend crew." I mean...how likely is it that we'll always have three best friends to discuss every problem and thought with?

It kind of made me think of a more...awkward reality, leading me to a series where: friends enter different life stages and drift apart, your go-to gal is an elderly lady, and you're actively seeking new pals via meetup.com. And then there's the part where you're a writer haunted by your last big love, and constantly clinging to nostalgia (good luck to our main character on the dating scene!).

I welcome you to join me on this awkward, relatable, and sometimes crazy adventure, which proves that finding love is never easy, and include lots of dialogue that will hopefully be quotable and fun!

Each "episode" will consist of 4 or 5 Wattpad parts, and if people want to see more I'll write more. I'd love for this to be considered for a television series one day, so please vote and share the series if you enjoy it!

DISCLAIMER: this series has a political incorrectness and edge that some may find it offensive, so read accordingly!