Who Thought

Who Thought

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I wake up this mornin to the smell of breakfast. Ik it's the chick from last night throwin down in the kitchen.Of course she gotta leave, but Ima take a shower first.I get up and head to the bathroom .

After I'm done I go to do my daily routine. And then pick out an outfit...

A white polo tee 

Black jeans 

My white and black Jordan's 

silver watch 

And spray my hair 

I look in the mirror one time, Im lookin too good. I think smilin to myself and then go to check my phone. I have a message from Moe *Messages*

Moe: moms gone can u pick me 

Me: no prob bro yhu know I got yhu

Moe: igh see u in a Lil 

Me: Ight 

*End of Messages*

I head downstairs. I got my keys off the counter almost forgettin about the girl from last night. I run back upstairs real quick and grab her clothes and put them in a plastic bag. "A.. Amber, Amanda wateva ya name is ima need you to bounce." I said pointing at the door. She glares at me and grabs her stuff. I open the front door for her. Sh...

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