Avengers Preferences (parent/daughter edition!)

Avengers Preferences (parent/daughter edition!)

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QueenOfSassgard By ICTOAUN Updated Oct 31, 2015

ICTOANFYGS! Great news!

(If you're not an ICTOANFYG go read Avengers Preferences, or don't.... You can sorta become an ICTOANFYG here)

And yes, this means another references description... *audience groans*... Come on, you guys, the last one was amazing. You loved it. You know you did. And this one is themed! Themed, guys!


Steve Rogers (Young lady, I'm pretty sure my daughter isn't going out dressed like that.)

Tony Stark (Please, no gang signs.)

Clint Barton (You and I remember what your bedtime is very differently.)

Loki Laufeyson (And you can return this room to all its, uh.... Glory.)

Bruce Banner (I'm always angry. What do you mean "I know"????)

Natasha Romanoff (I'm in an interrogation right now. I'll help with your homework later.)

Wanda Maximoff (At least you don't have a brother twelve minutes older than you.)

Bucky Barnes (Hey, I'm back from the missi... I thought you were smaller.)

spidey-trash spidey-trash Sep 14, 2017
Brucie might turn into I gigantic green bean when he's angry, but he still wowowowow
GlowingLevi GlowingLevi Dec 17, 2017
Does it count if you spoke to ghosts as a child and eventually made one slap your own parents because they were asleep whilst holding you?
                              Yeah I know.
                              I was a fuckin badass.
FrozenKate14 FrozenKate14 Jul 07, 2017
Have Tony as your dad they said. It won't be bad at all they said.
EINAMS020 EINAMS020 Oct 18, 2015
Pietro? Where are you...... Pietro? BABY I WANNA BE YOUR DAUGHTER WHERE ARE YOU!!!