Star Pressed

Star Pressed

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Jeff Norton By thejeffnorton Completed

When orphaned siblings Andra and Grunge are abducted from the landfill site they call home, they are pressed into service on the HMS Ghandi with three teenage aliens where they form a surrogate family in an unfair universe.  PARTY OF FIVE meets GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY....a love letter to space faring #ScienceFiction.

Highest Science Fiction Ranking: #1 (that was a pretty awesome day!!!)

I wrote STAR PRESSED to explore the nature of family, through the lens of science fiction genre. It combines everything I love about scifi, drama, coming of age, and attempts to push the boundaries of (intergalactic) diversity and the very essence of inclusivity.

I'm a published author and I shared this book with a handful of publishers, one of whom called it "too diverse." Somewhat in anger, and also in protest, I decided to share it with the wattpad community and I've been thrilled that it's found a global readership here.

This is an unedited book, so comments are welcome, as are constructive criticisms.

I hope you love reading STAR PRESSED as much as I loved writing it.



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Really interesting! A pretty small question but, in some places you have one space at the beginning of the sentence and on others it starts with two spaces?
SquishyJitterbug SquishyJitterbug Jul 01, 2016
Is family and Alice supposed to be spelled like familee and aliss to represent their mispronunciation?
kittybacon_love kittybacon_love Jun 26, 2016
Love the way you right and capture emotion in your words. Definitely finishing for sure
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan May 14, 2016
Great start to this Jeff. Looking forward to having a great companion on a long trip
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Dec 11, 2015
Hi Jeff, just thought I'd drop in and say thank you for the dedication, that's very cool of you. 
                              Looking forward to meeting you in London tomorrow. 
                              Cheers, Gav
Equinella Equinella Aug 24
And here: *family, unless it's intentional, but the character isn't writing so I'm not sure that would apply to story crafting rules. And I've seen you write it both ways.