Hatred [Haylor AU]

Hatred [Haylor AU]

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Hatred (n): intense dislike or ill will. 

17 year-old head cheerleader, Taylor Swift, is forced to tutor the person she despises most, the school's star quarterback, to maintain both of their positions as captain. 

Will she be able to deal with the annoyingly cocky quarterback, known as Harry Styles? 

Throw in a roller coaster of prank wars and endless arguments. Will there be a little bit of love as well? After all, there's a thin line between love and hate. 

Rated PG-13: contains a whole lot of swearing and a few scenes that might not be appropriate for young readers. All the chapters are not edited.


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This is like the 11th time I'm reading this story. I just love it sooooooo much!!!!
justanotherhazel justanotherhazel Nov 25, 2016
I can't imagine Harry as a quarterback tho :D But I think this is going to be a cool story xoxo
-inverse -inverse Mar 19, 2016
Daniel Skye? As in the Magcon Boy? The one who sings All I Want? God I love this.