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All of these stars. ~A Septiplier FanFic~

All of these stars. ~A Septiplier FanFic~

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Andy c: By ShippedAndHandled Updated Apr 26

Mark had a large range of buddies, most from YouTube. But there was a certain Irishman that always peaked his interests and stayed in his mind more than often. If only it was the other way around..

Yes, another Jack (jacksepticeye) and Mark (Markiplier) fan fiction. Yes I totally ship Septiplier, so what? sue me. Also, I'm a very visual person, therefore.. FUCK YEAH SMUTTY LEMONS. And kinky ones too. You've been warned; Thank you for reading!

HIHaynes HIHaynes Jun 04
Does anyone else dance to the Skype call music?....just me?...okay....
:[ Jack.............
SeptiplierPhanFin SeptiplierPhanFin Jul 07, 2016
I thought that Jack was just randomly saying "boob da doop" and I was kind of confused for a second :D
Thatchiclayla Thatchiclayla Mar 02, 2016
BOOP DO DOOP yeah that EXACT sound it makes really no sarcasm
TidalGalaxy TidalGalaxy Feb 29, 2016
I have skype and everything, but I still don't know how to write it
Don't judge but at first I thought it said macaroni xD (I'm probably just hungry xD)