Mad Hatter || Bill Cipher x Reader ||

Mad Hatter || Bill Cipher x Reader ||

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Pansexual Pirate By EchoingThroughTime Completed

"My dear, you're simply as mad as a hatter."

You've been living in Gravity Falls your whole life. Not in the town of course, but in the asylum. 

You used to live in the town, when you were younger. You had odd homicidal tendencies and always brought home dead animals to family and friends alike.

After accidentally murdering your parents, emphasis on 'accidentally', you've been trapped inside the asylum.

You've been hopeless and thought to never be able to break from the restrictions inside the mental hospital.

Of course, a lovely little crazed demon has come to your assistance. Although, it's going to take much more than a little favor. 

It's going to take a deal with the devil. 


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*hiding in a corner recording the action*
                              (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MechiTechi MechiTechi Oct 08
Can this horny fück stop horny fücking his horny girlfriend
*Slaps him and says in a high pitched voice* Where is your mother
lol45778 lol45778 Oct 08
parents: why are you acting so weird these days?
                              me: cause you haven't bought me a present for my birthday.
                                    surprise bitch
The sad thing is my rp character is insane and has escaped asylums before so im not surprised this is happening to me ;-;
Yuki12PL Yuki12PL Sep 26
Were they doing 69? ((Something is wrong with me... kill meh plz))