Mad Hatter || Bill Cipher x Reader ||

Mad Hatter || Bill Cipher x Reader ||

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"My dear, you're simply as mad as a hatter."

You've been living in Gravity Falls your whole life. Not in the town of course, but in the asylum. 

You used to live in the town, when you were younger. You had odd homicidal tendencies and always brought home dead animals to family and friends alike.

After accidentally murdering your parents, emphasis on 'accidentally', you've been trapped inside the asylum.

You've been hopeless and thought to never be able to break from the restrictions inside the mental hospital.

Of course, a lovely little crazed demon has come to your assistance. Although, it's going to take much more than a little favor. 

It's going to take a deal with the devil. 


He's gonna give me a bible that i can get my brother to read for me. All theese dirty minds... tsk tsk..
spilledmilkshakes spilledmilkshakes 4 days ago
Wattpad is a scary place full of smut.
                              I'm trying to say I've read all the smut on Wattpad okay.
*Charas voice* Erase this world! Please, please erase it CHOOSE YES
Uhm...  -stuffs paper up shirt to make me look older- I AM 13 TOTALLY YEAH HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEdonttellmyparents
Imbosile Imbosile Aug 06
I'm not even surprised any more
                              I read lemons and saw magical skeleton ( undertale ) sucks since I was 9
                              Don't ask...
HeleSalumgi HeleSalumgi 4 days ago
im 10 but  who cares i have read  stuff like this and even more worse than this
                              but i did read most of them when i was 9 12 days ago was my 10th bday