My Special Kitty

My Special Kitty

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dovakiin_the_great By dovakiin_the_great Updated Jul 07, 2017

Andy is a rich and powerful-very feared-dominate vampire. 

Ashley is a neko, a subspecies of a vampire, and needless to say he is a stray kitty. He had gotten himself lost from his parents. His parents went looking for Ashley, but never did found him. That doesn't mean that they never stopped looking for him.

What happens when one night, Andy walks near an alley where an certain lost little neko had made into a home? What will happened when Andy takes the lost kitty home?

Note: This is an andley story so this means it has gay boyxboy content. It will also involve male pregnancy. No like anything, no read. other than that, enjoy my lovely readers.

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"These times call for desperate measures nooooow!" - marinas trench...luv em
I seen it was from all the guys then I was like "where's Ashley?" Then I was like "oh...fuckin idiot."
0DD1TY 0DD1TY Feb 29, 2016
Lol😂 sounds like something I would do if I ever decided to make a book
ilovebooks23 ilovebooks23 Mar 03, 2016
"Desperate times and desperate measures I come so close my hopes are severed by the down side a million waves in the ocean crash at once to make you smile" - the divine zero., teehee sorry I just had to
DeathsSting DeathsSting Jan 28, 2017
I wore basically the same outfit except loose fitting pants and steel-toed boots and the Metallica t-shirt was loose fitting as well