Winged Dreams #Wattys2016

Winged Dreams #Wattys2016

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Sa :) By HopesPrayersNSmiles Updated Oct 10

She knew that her work wouldn't let her rest,

Was aware that every day would be a test.

It was her passion though, to see the last smiles, 

Although they haunted her for the longest of times.

He was a wonder in this world,

Possessed a heart of gold.

His heart bled for every atrocity the ummah faced,

His Soul shook every time an innocent was shot dead.

She couldn't believe that he was hers,

And he was on a mission to never see her in tears.

She remembered this when a cry escaped its cage,

And knew that he would love her even after his last breath.

bgmbtrfly bgmbtrfly Oct 08
Tiz buk wz suggest'd by 'ne of ma frien...n' tiz'z rly ma shaa allah an awzm 'ne...i'd no idea wtha i'l read it fully bt seriozly it bcumz 'ne of ma daily task...
asmaa_003 asmaa_003 Oct 28
This book only can be AMAZING like every other of your stories😍
ridarh_ ridarh_ Aug 29
Av been hearing about this book 4 lng, can't wait 2 actually read it #awesome
May I plz knw tht was it a boy or girl dina give birth after anam ....?? I know story ends but still I wanna knw it plz
I've come back from the last chapter and when I read the description again, I have to say this, I actually cried because it was truly beautiful....
touheedmech touheedmech Jun 17
This is my second book.....those who havnt read read it....