Avengers and the reader

Avengers and the reader

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Now without a family. You join the Avengers. You learn there's more to you than meets the eye.

You grow close to your new super hero family, more closer to some than others.

You experience kindness, care, and love. Everything soon changes. Leaving you and your comrades speechless.

But when a great battle arises. Will you sacrifice the few things you have? Or Wi you watch everything fade away.

Note:this is sort of a Captain America x reader. You grow attached to certain Avengers But mainly him. So yeah. Enjoy.

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Catsaremeow Catsaremeow Jul 22
I laughed and my parents didn't even look at me. They are so done with me.
Not if the fire was caused by your mum being burned by a demon in the ceiling... then it would be expected
I thought I was gonna see my girlfriend burning on the ceiling...  oh wait different fandom
                              I woke up cuz of smoke
                              I went to a bench and fell asleep
                              I wake up only to hit Tony
                              He takes me to the tower
                              I fall asleep again.
                              Why does this seem funny to me? XD
I expected my parents to die in the mansion fire- Oh wait. Wrong fandom.
LupusLux LupusLux Oct 10, 2016
I was going to comment that he's being very trusting, taking in a stranger with no idea who they are. But then I realised, it's the avengers. And stark tower. A strange girl off the street shouldn't pose much of a threat!