You're Mine (BillDip)    #Wattys2016

You're Mine (BillDip) #Wattys2016

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Gravity Falls AU

High school and BillDip. 

Enjoy the experience because I'm a sadist and no character is safe from meeeeeee~

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kkelliott01 kkelliott01 Apr 06
Mystery Van??????? Mystery VAN??????!!!!!!!!
                              It‘s the Mystery Machine. M-A-C-H-I-N-E.
                              You uncultured sWINE!! 
                              Haha. I’m not actually mad.
The sleeves go to his thighs but around is neck dude were do get a hoodie with that long sleeves are you just that short
BODY SPASEMS NOOOOOOO... I'm actually REALLY ticklish doh....😐😐😐😐
YouGot_NoJams14 YouGot_NoJams14 4 days ago
Well, well, well- looky at what we have here billdip fans, the one and only dicks of Gravity High!
I don't mind high school in fact I quite enjoy it my high school is actually pretty good except for the people who tend to ruin it here and there ^-^
Nerd203 Nerd203 Apr 14
Dude, I feel sorry for those people who peak in highschool. They have nowhere else to go after that and just fall into misery.