You're Mine (BillDip)    #Wattys2016

You're Mine (BillDip) #Wattys2016

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Gravity Falls AU

High school and BillDip. 

Enjoy the experience because I'm a sadist and no character is safe from meeeeeee~

I hate high school already and it only been a few weeks 😭
StarGirl103 StarGirl103 Sep 17
Typical white girl quote "Bïtch don't ignore me!" I'm just like "We get it your white and upset kys" (I just gave so many people a seizure because they are so triggered)
I'm not ignoring you I just switched my attention towards something !ore attractive
Writingdog Writingdog Aug 26
*thinks of dipper wear a monster shirt with the backwards hat * *shivers * never again will I think of that
For some odd reason I thought of a sports car.....DON'T KNOW WHY! WHEN IT CLEARLY SAYS VAN...BUT MY MIND JUST FREAKING WENT TO SPORTS CAR....lmao😂
ChrisTooala ChrisTooala Sep 16
I only have one year left until I'm finally free from high school, yay, sweet freedom soon T-T