Lycan Project

Lycan Project

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Elizabeth Brown By DARKGLITTERJELLYFISH Updated Oct 07, 2016

She betrayed them, hurt them and even did the unspeakable. Two of their pack members were caught, drugged and taken into a lab to be dissected or experimented on. Life was now a ticking time bomb. How could they survive, trust was already hard for them but to work together and hope they get out was even harder. Project Lycan may be their last part in this world.

[Sterek - Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski]

Warnings: M-preg, werewolf dynamics, romance, drama, blood, etc.

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  • mpreg
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Just-Strange Just-Strange Mar 20, 2016
Oh my gods~ Now I definitely can't wait for the next update!
@-HystericallySnake  -  Actually no. lol His real name that the producer chose is "Mieczysław Stilinski" but I wanted something to show how much his mother and grandmother were big influences in his life. lol
teenwolf_is_bae_ teenwolf_is_bae_ Mar 10, 2016
Alright. I'm here. I'm ready. This book got me on my toes. YAY!!!
Just-Strange Just-Strange Jan 06, 2016
When I was reading this, I was just thinking, "Oh gods! Something horrible is about to happen!" It's super good and I hope you update soon cx