The Broken Badboy

The Broken Badboy

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"How much of that did you hear?" 
"Everything after 'he's in the guest bedroom' "
Great, that means he heard it all. 
Maybe im not prepared for this year after all...

Maya is a bit of a geek and Nate is the bad boy. 

He wears leather jackets and she spends her days reading.

They used to be best friends.

In primary school, those two were inseparable. They were always together. Secondary school came around and Nate decides he needs to stop being a little boy who doesn't have many friends. He wants to make his mark at his new school. Number one... Get rid of Maya. The best way he could think of to do this, bully her. 

Four years later, he got what he wanted. Maya however, stayed the same. She is still a nerdy girl who has no friends and her nose stuck in a book constantly, or, at least he thinks that. 

He still bully's her and she still tolerates it.

What happens when something goes wrong and Maya lets him in again?