The City (A Michael Jackson Fan Fiction)

The City (A Michael Jackson Fan Fiction)

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Kenny  By lady_kenny Updated Nov 27, 2016

Layla Amaya Osodo is an African girl who wants to escape her harsh life in Africa. Hardships, gangs, betrayal, and murder surrounded her; rendering Kenya a dangerous environment. 

She moves to America where love awaits her. However, her previous choice of moving doesn't keep her safe. At least not for long. 

Layla plays a fierce woman who isn't afraid to face her fears, and get blood on her hands. Who will accompany her other than her horrific thoughts? A lover? A senile Gang?

 Read to your own discretion. This book contains sexual content, mild language, and gruesome content. Viewer discretion is advised. 

I hope that this book filles your eyes with wonder and tears. I hope this book makes you smile, and I hope that you vote, comment, and read my story. 

Come along, on a ride to (The City.)

~Kenya Onkoba.

[You guys can call me Kenny] 

{Also, in this book, when I take breaks while I'm updating, I like to have fun and talk to all my readers and comment, do give a ways, etc. and just remember I'll always support you in your writing expedition. This book is for your entertainment, fun, and if you need someone to talk to. All the people in this book are mighty friendly, so just enjoy yourself.}

MacKayKay1 MacKayKay1 Sep 07, 2016
"I'll kill em dead before I let em"
                              (to those who know where this quote is from)😛💪🏽
mjxlien mjxlien Aug 08, 2016
me: go to hell mom
                              mom: whatchu say to me 
                              me: I didn't say not- *cuts me off 
                              mom: go get the belt 
                              me: go look for the softest belt I can find
                              mom: and don't get that soft belt either and I mean it 
                              (I'll let you imagine the rest)
UaintBADainT_NOINX UaintBADainT_NOINX Sep 08, 2016
"Heep " sounds like something my mom would say  😂😂😂
cloclo_14 cloclo_14 Sep 12, 2016
I woulda been like no one wants to see yo face here anyways that's why i need to GEET the heck outta Kenya 😂😂😑😑
mjxlien mjxlien Aug 08, 2016
yo I swear if my momma said that to me I would literally break down crying😶