Butterfly - BTS

Butterfly - BTS

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And then there were none.

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shookkayy shookkayy Jul 04, 2016
i read kookie first, assuming it's his point of view and got so confused
shookkayy shookkayy Jul 04, 2016
crap it's still early morning i don't wanna cry for a third time lelelelel i'm out cya later
yamaguchi- yamaguchi- Dec 24, 2016
ohnonono this is going to be everyone but jin's deaths im not rEADY
-byunbae -byunbae Jun 01, 2016
I am legit like Yoongi. If anyone wakes me up I would first beat them, then cuss them out
frozenbaozii frozenbaozii Jun 14, 2016
Reading this for the second time because apparently reading this once and then reading run wasn't sad enough for me
Muzikislife96 Muzikislife96 Jul 13, 2016
Ahahah...kids I don't think you should mess with grandpa, or you's gonna die today