Yellow Flicker (Lauren/You)

Yellow Flicker (Lauren/You)

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You are a spy who protect famous people. Basically like a bodyguard. You're sent to protect five specific girls. 

Fifth Harmony. 

Once you get there, a green eyed girl catches your eye. You usually don't open up to people or let them in. But Lauren manages to sneak her way in and change you. 

With romance, action and drama, you fall for Lauren. 


yeah I'm not great at these.

AllyIsWifey AllyIsWifey Oct 22
No I walk with my thumb in my pocket the rest of my hand hangin out I a fist
My parents only care if it's in my normal classes and if I have a C in geometry (btw I'm an 8th grader and geometry is for 10th grade) they don't really care
I just don't show emotion. I could be in so much pain and you wouldn't even tell by my resting bitch face
Adowhoreble Adowhoreble Dec 02
I'm 5'11. That's weird to think about. I'm taller than every one of them. An encounter would be funny. Especially with Ally.
Cause agent swift is a snake and agent Malik doesn't know what direction to go in
I have a dead ass long name and just ingnored it so i didn't have to read my own name in my head 😂😂😂