His Hijabi Wife

His Hijabi Wife

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Hijabi18 By Hijabi18 Updated Dec 10, 2015

"Shh."he whispers putting a finger to my lips. 

I looked down at his finger on my lips, and then into his eyes. 

He stared at my face, as if memorizing every pary of it. 

We looked into each others eyes, lost. 

He swallowed, and moved forward, kissing my forehead. 

I closed my eyes, as his lips touched my skin. 

His hand, lightly stroked my cheek, as he kissed my eyes. 

"A...Asher." i mumbled, when his lips grazed my cheek. 

He was tracing my lips again and agian with the back of his thumb, and i thought my heart would explode. 

"Hmm." He whispered, and his lips grazed my jaw line, making me inhale sharply. 

Cover credit goes to @ Bushra_Siddiqui!!

juliajulu22 juliajulu22 Jun 09
like da hell what's wrong with her mother in law ?????? ???
                              how is a wedding supposed to be done without the groom????
If he was found outside their doorstep he would be more of an adopted sibling rather than step, that is if they have filed the papers for adoption which they probably will have by now
When you find a book with your name and you get really excited because your name isn't that common😂❤️
hano98 hano98 Sep 10, 2015
Good story mashallah! But can you please not write it in bold...it gets annoying :/ (not trying to be rude)