The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

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The Frog Prince


His Royal Highness Prince Nolan turned to his mother, Queen Bethany of Hollene Court, and announced, "I have decided to do it!"  He threw the missive from his promised, Princess Blythe McKenna upon the small end table near the settee in the formal drawing room where his mother preferred to take her tea.

"You decided to do what, dear?" his mother asked as she sipped at her cup.

"I have decided to visit Blythe in disguise."  He sighed and sat down across from her, in a large green and white striped overstuffed chair.  "I cannot ascertain from these letters she sends who she truly is.  It is a great muddle, and it is time I decided once and for all if I will indeed offer my hand or not."

"But you are already promised to each other!" She set her cup upon the saucer and placed it them on the end table.  "What is this nonsense?"

"Mother. It is not nonsense.  Betrothing me as an infant is not something I can condone now.  Especially when I am quite uns...

warrior_srarhb warrior_srarhb Jun 28, 2017
Trying to remain in charge of a situation but you've already lost control of it.
Keirms16 Keirms16 Dec 15, 2017
But I love frogs, toads, and lizards. As well as mice, and rats.
Raquel98_LA Raquel98_LA Jun 27, 2017
Well that's a little too far, you could be the nicest person and that doesn't mean you'd want to put your lips on it
TaurielRogers TaurielRogers Dec 27, 2017
I don’t know if I’d ever kiss1, but I’d certainly treat it kindly
Paintfairy Paintfairy Jul 28, 2016
This is so cool, the idea from the princes point of view, I like it, and it explains further why he's a frog
xx_staygold_xx xx_staygold_xx Oct 31, 2016
Ahaha just imagine him painted green and hopping trying to pretend to be a frog 
                              "..uh, Sire? What are you doing?" 
                              "Hush now, Timothy. I am a frog."