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My Girl

My Girl

168K Reads 3.7K Votes 29 Part Story
Brad$Gray By GrayNBrad Completed

Allison and Grayson's relationship did not end well when he decided to cheat on her... twice. 

But what happens when Ethan steps into the picture? Will he break Allison's heart just as Grayson had? Or is he the one for her?

The real question is, who does Allison want? Is she still swooning over the Typical Bad Boy, Grayson Dolan? Or will she fall for the charmer that is Ethan Dolan? Who will end up calling Allison 'My Girl'? 

SEQUEL TO 'Typical Bad Boy?' 

Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

First book ~ Typical Bad Boy?
Third book ~ Misunderstandings
Fourth book ~ Consequences

NatsArias NatsArias Feb 13
Aish Ethan but she's Grayson's😐make me  yours instead😂
BÏTCH YESSSSS THIS IS LIKE MY BEW BOOK IM WRITING go check it out it's called Ethan Dolan love
Wait I thought Grayson and her were dateing and he breaks her heart so she goes to Ethan is there some kind of flash back I'm max level confused 😂😂😂
stripperdolan stripperdolan Dec 08, 2016
bro code. IDC if you like her but NEVER date your brothers ex gf. it really pisses me off when people thinks thats okay.
Cringeydolans Cringeydolans Nov 22, 2016
I came to the comments to see if anyone else concerned of where tf Katy went. But ayyy i ain't the only one wondering
brookemorton1005 brookemorton1005 Dec 19, 2016
Wait... the last chapter of the last book was her asking gray to be her bf again and he said yes and they were happy. So wtf happened I am actually brain dead this is so confusing 😂