Better Off Dead (Kellic) ✔️

Better Off Dead (Kellic) ✔️

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Kellin Quinn is a writer. He doesn't write best-selling books, but he does earn enough to not need a job on the side. He never even really needs to leave his house for anything...

Vic Fuentes finally moves out on his own. After having gone through some bad stuff, he's eager to start anew. The house he gets seems awfully cheap for its size, but Vic is so happy to find something that is actually in his price range, that he doesn't bother to question it...

Until, weird things start happening that affect both of their lives in more extreme ways than they ever bargained for.

helleritme helleritme Feb 10, 2016
Watch Vic be masturbating then the Kellin ghost walks in like wtf
MadisonCope9 MadisonCope9 Aug 26, 2016
This story is really good so far, can't wait to get stuck in to the book.
0PierceTheDan0 0PierceTheDan0 Feb 07, 2016
I haven't read any of this yet except the title and the description. And in the description you said it was kind of a horror story? An American Horror Story maybe? haHAHAHA you should laugh at my jokes now that'd be gr9
PrestigiousPersonage PrestigiousPersonage Jan 19, 2016
Sorry to be depressing. I just finished a book with an extremely sad ending. Not telling anyone what it is, though. Don't wanna spoil it.
PrestigiousPersonage PrestigiousPersonage Jan 19, 2016
So, I'm just going to state the obvious here... He died. How interesting. Reminds me of that movie, The Visitors (I think) I would be extremely confused and shocked if I found out the lonely writer had died. But that's why everyone left him alone. Why he only sees two ppl pass by.
Oh_My_Sheepcats Oh_My_Sheepcats Nov 23, 2015