Dangerous Desires (Johnny Depp fanfiction)

Dangerous Desires (Johnny Depp fanfiction)

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In 2011, when Jasmine met Terrell, she thought they would live happily ever after. Oh, how wrong she was. Terrell turns out to be a controlling monster. Three years later, she is asked by Tim Burton to compose the musical score to his new upcoming movie. As she works on the set, she meets Johnny Depp. At first, he seems like a arrogant jerk. But after a while, she starts to see not to judge a book by its cover.

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I'm sorry for any errors in spelling or grammer. I was 13 when I made this and not very good at that kind of stuff.

JarethsQueen18 JarethsQueen18 Sep 17, 2015
Wow this is great! I can't believe I haven't noticed your stories before.
JarethsQueen18 JarethsQueen18 Sep 17, 2015
*sets down phone in front of me and bows to the phone* Oh almighty master. Please teach me the ways of your creations!
LittleHeartprayer LittleHeartprayer Sep 08, 2015
Aaawwww, poor Jasmine! She should run away with Georgie, but great start! Update soon!❤