promises || haikyuu !! [ON HOLD]

promises || haikyuu !! [ON HOLD]

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shooketh 24/7 By sadwatercolor Updated Jul 22

<hinata shouyou x short!reader>

he promised to stay, but I was the one who left.

three years later, I come back to discover how big those little promises can be.

<this was my first fanfic, so it starts off like, really bad>

<sadwatercolor 2015>

MikiUzumaki MikiUzumaki Jun 16
You should know that the students don't move around in Asia. The teachers move around the classrooms, so once you are in a class, you stay in there unless your skills have dropped or improved enough to go to a different class.
RaneeaRayne RaneeaRayne May 27
Excitement?? (._.) That's not a a right way to exclaim... EXCITEMENT?!
Skatersrule Skatersrule May 11
Yeah all your classes with the beanpole and adorable Yamaguchi
Number-13 Number-13 Aug 12
Dude dont put yourself down be confident even if you doubt it. It takes balls to upload something for the whole world to judge so be nicer to yourself.
ramennewwdles ramennewwdles Sep 16, 2016
Tsukki I'm tall, but the gloomy part is righr, but I'm tall, call me short and I go at ya. Come at meh bruh. Come and fight meh bruh.
SapphireSparklezz SapphireSparklezz Sep 01, 2016
My bff moved to Georgia, we still talk! AND SHE'S COMING BACK. 
                              *Happy dance*