Brother Sister

Brother Sister

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At first she thought that is would be a horrible idea. Thinking that he would never. 

But what it he thought the same way? Sparks fly and thoughts are gone. 

Just because they are sibling doesn't mean that they can't fall in love with each other. 

His slams me on the shower wall and connects our lips once again. Kissing me hard. So hard that I know my lips are going to be swollen. 

The water making me soaking wet. I run my hands up and down his back. Loving the feeling under my hands.

I open my mouth and his tounge instantly comes in my mouth. 

I need more.

Babydoll439 Babydoll439 Oct 08
Ok Ima pretend that's another name because every time I see Felix Reck-it-Ralph always comes to mind like "Fix it Felix!!!"
I'm curious, it's my first time to read a book like this so I'm definitely excited.
Girllllll no it's expensive out their honey you need to have Money- and I mean thousands if you trying to get up over there!
How you just gon- smh, if I've said it once then I've said it twice, teasing isn't very nice.
okay is this girl on her period because dang she bipolar. If i was her brother and she punched me. I'd either fight back or just ask her to pack her stuff and tell her to find somewhere else to live. That's messed up
You are into some kinky stuff, girl!! ;) I just read the step dad and daughter book, with kota and sin... I loved it but it made me cry in the end....