A Trip to Remember | lucaya

A Trip to Remember | lucaya

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When 16 year old foster kid Maya Hart and her 17 year old best friend go on a trip to Hawaii with her foster family trouble strikes.

Lucas Friar, a normal 17 year old from Texas bumps into a beautiful young woman; Maya Hart; on the Pier in the middle of his family trip to Hawaii and it's the best thing that could happen, but he also meets her sister in crime; Riley Matthews; who is also equally beautiful. 

One day as Maya and Lucas are meeting, shy and afraid Maya runs from his sight leading him to her hotel. She purposely tells the bellboy the wrong room to cause him confusion. The young Texas boy is lead to Riley's room and has a magical night. 

What will happen with Maya and Lucas when sparks fly in this topsy-turvy love triangle? Find out in this Lucaya/Laya fanfic written by yours truly. Enjoy!


Contains some False Language, Suggestive Themes, and Vivid Description. 

First Book in the "A Trip To.." series.
(Sequel is A Trip to Regret) 

author: @lucayaxharry
Copyright © 2018 elharkins. All Rights Reserved.

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stydias_selena stydias_selena Jun 17, 2016
I love the price is right 😂😂 I can totally imagine this
layaharts layaharts Aug 26, 2016
when you read this as fifty shades cause you've been reading some kinky lucaya sh1t
arthxe arthxe Aug 03, 2016
I've been to Maryland, Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, D.C (if u consider), North Carolina, Illinois, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and probably more only cause I travel a lot. 😂 but I don't move.
ElevensAnatomy ElevensAnatomy Sep 02, 2016
I've been 1/4 of the way into Atlanta... That's all 😂😂
Lucayanwerewolf Lucayanwerewolf Aug 21, 2016
I've been to:North Carolina (i live here) South carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, west Virginia , and Ohio.
sendnukes sendnukes Sep 09, 2016
HA! Based on the discription that I read I don't think Riley's the 'Good Influence' anymore😂