Year 12 (First Draft)

Year 12 (First Draft)

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The Year Rules were devastating. 

Year 7- Beginner Test

Year 8- Volunteer 

Year 9- Five Part Testing

Year 10- Academy Prep Course 1

Year 11- First School Test

Year 12- Anything not completed on time from Years 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11, result in Abandonment 

By Year 7, I was already on the streets. I never got to take my Beginner Test, and I never got to prove myself to anyone. I was expected to fend for myself in a harsh environment, not fit for a child. I moved past it, though, gaining street smarts rapidly, while my book smarts were left to their own devices.

Year 12 wasn't going to be the start of my long career path, or the continuation of my academic career. It was just another Year on the streets. Year 12: Abandonment for Felsha Martins, date of birth November 19th, 2509, current number of Years in Abandonment, 6.

Current Abandonment date: November 19th, 2521 

Year 12 was going to be my growing point.

Year 12, was meant to push me further down, break me, put me in my place.

But I wasn't going to let that happen.