Lykanthropos// on hold

Lykanthropos// on hold

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Noun. Lykanthropos [Greek]
Meaning. Werewolf

The gods have created a beast, but they are proud. Because, he is the one and only Lykan. Mother Moon has been pleased.


Bea Fallois has always been kind. People say that her inner beauty must've reflected her outer appearance, because she was beautiful. She had a heart of gold, and was raised well. So many things made Bea different from other girls. Like the fact that she belonged to Lykan.

(on hold//not really on hold, i just take forever to update)

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babymawii babymawii Jul 31
When i went through puberty, I wouldn't say my face was clear but i didn't have any pimples, just black heads on my nose
Artemis is the Goddess of the moon
                              Heticate (idk how to spell it) is the goddess of magic
pravsmarch pravsmarch Oct 21
No offense but the clear skin is mentioned so many times I am starting to think if this is advertisement for some cosmetic product.
Lydia and Klaus. Teen Wolf and TVD/TO my three favourite shows
The mythology was a little off but it’s your story and I like it either way
Queeennnnj Queeennnnj Apr 09
I f*cking wish! I'm not ugly but I did go through the awkward phase