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It's Unexpected Love ( Completed)✔️

It's Unexpected Love ( Completed)✔️

23.8K Reads 767 Votes 24 Part Story
Rue By tothereaders Completed

(THIS BOOK IS SUPER FAST PACED. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED) so yes I know you'll want to tell me that it is, but you don't have too because I already know it is.....
You might ask why I haven't re-written or taken it down.. this is because Iike to have it as a reminder of how far I've come. So if you don't like it because of the pace feel free to stop reading I don't write for views just for my enjoyment. 

It's all starts with tutoring, Keatyn is totally only there to help Chase, but Chase has a different plan in mind. Chase like her but won't admit it for a while, while Keatyn is definitely never going to admit she likes him until she earns his trust

KhiKhiBennett KhiKhiBennett Apr 09, 2017
He is gonna throw a tantrum maybe lol or sit down and take it seriously..
tothereaders tothereaders Sep 07, 2015
Sorry about the mistake I renamed Chase, he was originally Greyson but I changed it sorry everyone
tothereaders tothereaders Sep 07, 2015
His name is Chase and I'm sorry if I made a mistake  that would be great if you spread awareness no ones ever done that for any of my books and I'd love to check your books out  anyways I have lots more of Chase and Keatyn coming :)
0CutMeEarToEar0 0CutMeEarToEar0 Sep 07, 2015
Oh and if you want to check out my story it's
                              Best Friends - Past
                              Enemies - Now
                              Future - ?
                              Its a book based on the story of me and my best friend. Everything in there is true and happened!!!
0CutMeEarToEar0 0CutMeEarToEar0 Sep 07, 2015
So hey. I noticed your story was new and wanted to give you your first view comment and vote! Because I know how it feels when you work really hard on a story and no one sees it. Thats exactly what happened with my book but im doing better now.