Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

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Meet Sarah, she is 28 years and very beautiful  bangladeshi girl who is successful fashion designer but still single. People always ask her why she doesn't want to get married or have a boyfriend? She always told everyone she likes her freedom and likes to live alone but it's not true, Sarah saw a dream regularly about a face of her prince charming from past few  years. She was waiting for him to come in her life but .....

Meet Mr. Draven Stone, he is 32 years and most arrogant, workaholic and most handsome
billionaire businessman in USA. He is the owner and CEO of "STONE ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY". He is rich, he has power but he lives alone. He hates women and insults them because someone had betrayed him. He thinks all women are greedy. He believes the world is selfish and love just a word.

Will Sarah find his dream man? Will Draven learn to live with love? Will the destiny make them come together although they both have different world?

  • betray
  • billionaire
  • family
  • marriage
  • romance