Want You Back (BoyxBoy/werewolf || #lgbt)

Want You Back (BoyxBoy/werewolf || #lgbt)

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T. Gray By notbackingdown Completed

Marcellus Whitaker was like every other teenage boy. Well mostly.

 One he was a genius with the highest IQ ever recorded. 

Two He was a werewolf. 

Three he was a gay werewolf. 

Four he was a nerdy gay werewolf. 

Then came his mate. Zachariah Wolfe. Alpha of the strongest, craziest pack in the world. 

Both were equally surprised they were mates. Zachariah was mad as hell. Marcellus was pretty excited. 

Rejection stung like a bitch. 

But then Zachariah wanted his mate back.

This is a boyxboy story so if you no likey... 
Back the hell up quickly... 

Those of you who likey... 

Enjoy love muffins!

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simplystoned simplystoned Sep 04, 2017
Got a secret
                              Can you keep it?
                              Swear this one you'll save
                              Better lock it in your pocket
                              Taking this one to the grave
wtfitsjustme wtfitsjustme Dec 07, 2017
Are u insulting your girlfriend?? I mean she sucks ur cock. 
                              Do u even have a girlfriend? 
                              Nah i don't care.
frostcure frostcure Oct 02, 2017
Now that I'm an actual adult I can't help but think that this is the dumbest thing to keep secret. There are a ton of other, far more impressive, things that you can keep secret.
reinz_ardo reinz_ardo Nov 09, 2017
It's hurtful. He defines love like give and take. He said that he didn't love his mom even though she survived for his sake after her mate died. It felt like it's an obligation for him to repay the things she did for him.
KAreema04 KAreema04 Dec 17, 2017
I’m in advanced classes too and sometimes I just wonder how some people make it into these classes. Maybe their parents slipped the administration a small loan of 1 million dollars, we’ll never know.
reinz_ardo reinz_ardo Nov 09, 2017
Maybe that's how he define love because he didn't felt or experience love from others except from his mom.